Our Purpose

Our vision – To accelerate the transition to a responsible food system that is better for people and planet.

Our mission – To harness the natural power of fungi to create better foods that are delicious, healthy, and cost-effective.

Our objective – To build a transformative biotechnology platform that enables sustainable food production at scale.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Biomimicry – We look to learn from and leverage nature’s lessons and solutions.
  • Partner and collaborate – We work with like-minded partners to create and scale biotechnology innovations that have positive impact.
  • Responsible business – We are transparent and accountable in our business practices with an ambition that moves beyond compliance.
  • Inclusive value chains – We seek to proactively include local communities and stakeholders to create shared growth opportunities.
  • Circular and regenerative – We champion responsible stewardship of our planet through transformative technology.
  • Proudly African – We have a global ambition, but we are rooted in and optimistic about the future of Africa.
  • Focused fun – We believe in having fun and embrace diversity as a means of driving innovation and impact.
  • Grow and contribute – We expect, and learn from, challenges and always look to contribute to a better world for all.